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Here’s what I learned: Luann is a tough cookie, is super photogenic, knows how to sniff out a good man, and can rock a sequined red dress like nobody’s business. She’s busy living the high life, meeting royalty, and jetting off to Switzerland whenever she wants to spend time at the house, pardon me, chalet, of her much older and very rich boyfriend, Roberto.It’s at a dinner party in Gstaad (where the smoky eye was invented) that she meets Count Alexandre de Lesseps, a.k.a The Count, a.k.a. While Roberto is away on business, Luann spends the next few days being romanced on the slopes by The Count.As a young woman, Luann liked helping people so she decided to become a nurse, which didn’t seem to last too long once a friend suggested entering the Miss Connecticut contest.

Before Roberto even gets home, Luann has packed up all her stuff and peaced out, giving him the smallest of decencies by calling him and telling him it’s over.A chance meeting leads to a gig impersonating Sharon Stone at some big awards show in Italy and she (sort of) nails it.A few months later, she is cast as a host of the number one Sunday night show in Italy.Luann takes us on a tour of the house she grew up in, which suffered a terrible fire when her brother tried to start a lawnmower that sparked and caught on some gasoline.The family made it outside and had to watch their house burn down, all while Luann’s mom ran in and out multiple times to save the photo albums of all of her kids.

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