Wellness dating com

But there are times when you find yourself in an 80/20 split where you are exhausted from making all of the effort and your significant other is reaping all of the benefits.Cut 'em loose and find someone who can meet you in the middle.Stop and take breaks if you find yourself overwhelmed or disenchanted.

There is always something someone is doing better than you.

While these tips may not fit the traditional definition of "wellness," they will help lead you to a better overall mental and emotional state. Many single parents are out there dating, looking for a companion or even a future spouse.

For a long time, I thought this strategy would make my life easier.

Your life is hard enough; don't spend time with anyone who makes it harder.

Some may say relationships are 50/50, but I'm a natural-born giver and I'd be happy for a 60/40 split.

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