Updating filteredaccount view

Let's break down what's going on and what you can do about it: All date/time data in CRM are stored in the database as UTC values.

To make sure the times are displayed to users in their local timezone, a SQL User Defined Function (UDF) is used to convert the values from the database tables to local time in the filtered views.

If you were creating the Report using BIDS with the CRM Fetch extension, you would write the following fetch-xml in the Query-Builder: Parameter names need to start with “@” and their value is populated at runtime.

The above query returns opportunities with Estimated Value greater than the value of the parameter @Min Estimated Value.

As many of you may know, when writing custom reports for CRM 4.0 you are required to use the filtered views.

The upside is filtered Views make security a snap for reporting against CRM data, and they offer a consistent dataset between the user will see in the CRM UI and what they will see in CRM reports.

The current fetch-xml schema does not have an operator that allows a similar UNION functionality.Instead, the workaround is to retrieve the results as part of different data sets.Suppose you want names of all accounts and contacts in you organization.The process we're going to use is: In this sample we have a report that will fetch a list of accounts with the account name, modified date/time, and who modified the record. The user running the report selects a beginning date and ending datetime as a parameter.

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