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And, if they continue to burst in, to stay up incredibly late, to play music/DVDs/guitars loudly, to come back from parties at all hours so that we have to stay up waiting for them, on tenterhooks, very soon they will be right.

In short, all this normal teenage behaviour makes having an intimate relationship with your spouse, if not completely impossible, then at least very tricky.

Be cautious when communicating with people you don’t know in person, especially if the conversation starts to be about sex or physical details.

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So it was quite reassuring, reading the publicity surrounding the film Hope Springs, and going to see a play, Jumpy, last week, to find we’re not alone struggling in our 40s to carve out a bit of intimate time for ourselves now we have teenagers in the house.

However, they cannot view deleted messages, which makes the dangers hard to monitor.

Company spokesperson Rod Mc Loed told the Associated Press that the problem is bigger than just Kik — especially when other messaging apps operate similarly.

Be careful who you give your number to and how you use GPS and other technologies that can pinpoint your physical location.

If you’re being harassed on Kik, the company will help you coordinate with law enforcement.

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