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Making the point at which the Hancock monies get paid out not particularly significant. PP "Or a reporter who buys the "marketing" Yes indeed, just as others that have bought the marketing just like Wilmar in Indonesia or Virginia Tec in the Cotton Trials or Minnesota for the Potato Trials, in fact these people buying into the"Marketing" is getting quite big and exciting around the world, of course that's never mattered much to you, all these successful and ever expanding crop trials at institutions around the world and the Tor P agreements as long as Mr Johnson couldn't see a market for it because "Only the other day I was taking to a farmer" and Farm Yard Manure is more than adequate to fulfill the nutritional needs of the good old British farmer because that's the 'Proper Pasty' type of research that you seemed so keen to accept as sound Professional Agronomist opinion way back when, so it's unsurprising that you still think people are 'buying' into the Poly4 story and long may it continue. The pattern becomes self perpetuating, especially in a no news environment. Simply an opportunity to add if it presents itself. Sirius_Minerals_completes_deal_for_Teesside_harbour_site_as___2_2bn_mine_development_steps_up_pace/ Sirius Minerals finalises agreement for Bran Sands site, on the mouth of the River Tees A POTASH firm building a £2.2bn fertiliser mine has finalised a deal to buy a harbour site.

From the 25/4 Main Listing Prospectus: "1.6.4 Mandated Lead Arrangers Engagement Letter for Stage 2 Financing .. Sirius Minerals has taken ownership of land at Bran Sands, on the mouth of the River Tees.

Ms Fox will be assisted by a senior minerals planner, a woodland creation officer and a marketing and product development executive, and two existing jobs are being partly funded by the Section 106 money to manage the conservation and tourism elements of the plan." https:// GK. This is a class operation with odds heavily in its favour.

If anything major had gone wrong they would have to tell us.

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“ Having exclusive access to our own deep-water port is a huge part of the proposition for our project, giving us access to a global distribution network.

A report presented to authority members states: “ The 100-year agreement provides for a range of activities that invest in promoting the National Park, add value to the landscape and ecological quality of the National Park, offset carbon emissions from the development and to cover monitoring and compliance costs.” Proposals for how the money will be spent over the first four years of the plan were discussed and agreed to by authority members at a meeting in Helmsley earlier today.

Among the projects set to be funded during the mine’s construction phase, up to 2021, are conservation measures along the River Esk, new steps to access the beach at Port Mulgrave and an upgrade to a 4km stretch of the popular Coast to Coast walking route.

At a rough guess so far since then the co have not spent more than 0 to 200m, and a significant part of that being on settling bills for property, S106 etc. hence no objections to any changes and no spoil heaps by back-filling.

So (with for instance, D walling actual cutting only just started) it seems very unlikely the 0m spend figure will be anywhere near reached before the end of the (far more important to the co I imagine) agreed duration of the 'Engagement' between the co and the St2 Mandated Lead Arrangers*. SXX has been developing a nice flag pattern since 2016. If it holds, then I will be adding to my existing holding.

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