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Before I knew it I had thick streams of cum coming out of my pussy. Me and my girlfriend stopped the department store's elevator between floors and decided to have some fun.I pulled up her white denim skirt and exposed her pink pantyhose.We finally decided to talk to each other on the phone.We talked all night and it was great - sharing each other's sexy stories, etc. He was a good-looking man, with the most intense eyes.He fingered my pussy and ass as he came in my mouth. The next time we met I did anal and thats another story.I clean hotel rooms, and some of the guests stay in the room while I do it. He had an OK body but his cock was monstrous - at least 10 inches.We both wrapped our legs around each other and came so hard we were both in tears. I love to try on my pantyhose and finger myself through a hole I cut in them.Once I put some peanut butter over the hole in my pantyhose and let my kitty lick until it was all gone.

I told her I wanted her to dress up and wear lingerie and pantyhose. I got the romantic dinner ready while she took a shower and then got ready in the bedroom. I am a big man, 62 with 48" shoulders, which made lifting her up quite easy.He rubbed my pussy through my pantyhose and I was so wet.I took my pantyhose and panties down and told him I wanted him to fuck me hard in his back seat.I grabbed his balls and held on till he came inside me.Then I started to lick and suck and nibble his still engorged cock with my pussy juices on it.

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