Pagdating ng mga hapones sa lansangan pilipinas

In this article, you will find our compiled GRADE 6 Learners Materials (LM).

Leaders who have been trained earlier by their Resource Teacher and/or Instructional Supervisor are also not allowed to look at the answer keys in the Leader‘s Book since they are also required to answer the exercises in the modules.

If the learner still fails to get the criterion set after the second re-take, he/she should be given remediation or tutoring by the RT or IS or Testing Teachers as the case may be.

There are already prepared post tests for most of the peer-group learning modules which the Testing Teachers can use.

Thus, subjects in MAPE (Music, Arts, PE, and EPP) are still handled by subject specialist teachers, who can also be the Resource Teachers, if there are no itinerant teachers to handle the subjects.

As earlier described, an itinerant teacher is someone who travels from one IMPACT school to another to handle special subjects such as PE and Music in cluster of IMPACT schools within the district.

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