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We looked into each others eyes and he signalled for me to go down.

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We knew it be hard, and even though we have communicated online on a daily basis and cybersex is great, it’s still not the same as the read deal, you know what I’m talking about, don’t you?I picked her up at the train station and filmed her on the way home on the bus.She kept rubbing her sweet, tight pussy on the bus while I took video of it.Luke was confident and funny, and had loads of friends. A big smile grew on my face and I bit my tongue; I couldn't believe my first time would be with him and his big dick. You'll have to wait to find out how big it is hard." I laughed and lay back down on the bed, and Luke lent over me using his left arm as support next to my head. He moved his body slightly closer to me, and adjusted his position - I was lying on the bed, my head on the pillow, and his legs were either side of mine, his crotch resting on mine, our dicks touching.It happened a few months after I turned 18, and he was around three months older. I mean, I wanna fuck a girl and a boy before I choose, y'know? He looked at me and smiled, and I asked how big it was. His arm was strong and pretty muscular, and he had lots of armpit hairs which was a turn on for me. "Uhhh, I don't mind," I said back to him, trailing my finger around his chest.

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