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Marathi is a New Indo-Aryan language with inscriptional evidence extending back to A. Some Marathi manuscripts are extremely rare and valuable; a significant number are copies of texts that have not yet been published and that most people have therefore not even heard of.

Manuscripts of this literature are found in university and monastery libraries and in private homes, mostly in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

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These manuscripts provide most of the extant evidence for the early phase of one of the major regional cultures of India.

The texts whose manuscripts this project will preserve and make accessible are, for the most part, religious in their inspiration, but they also give a great deal of evidence about everyday life in pre-modern India, and some of them relate to such sciences as medicine, astronomy, engineering, and horse-breeding.

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Deccan College will be given digital and microfilm copies.

Manuscripts in private homes are often discarded or even burned as the generation that cherished them dies off and another takes over and cleans out the house.

Institutions devoted to the preservation of traditional literary culture and history suffer from inadequate funding.

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