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Our site is a fast growing one where you can find hundreds of other profiles living with HIV or some other STDs.It is assumed that all our profiles are either STD positive or STD positive friendly.At the moment, drugs can stop HIV from replicating inside the body and producing Aids, but a latent reservoir of the virus remains.This means that if the patient stops taking the drugs for whatever reason, they are likely to get the full-blown disease.“Excision of HIV-1 proviral DNA by [this method in a living animal] in solid tissues/organs can be achieved …[which is] a significant step toward human clinical trials.“This undoubtedly shows promise but some big questions remain – how much of the latent reservoir do you need to target and will it work in humans?

In these animals, “successful proviral excision was detected …

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A “promising cure” for HIV and Aids has been discovered, according to scientists who managed to almost entirely eliminate the devastating immune disease from infected mice.

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