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Thanks partly to Mr Sproull’s campaigning, Buffalo Pictures made a £50,000 payment to the village.The Mail on Sunday understands a second similar amount has been paid since then after profits from the series rose.But I don’t think we’re ever going to please everybody.’Certainly, she has her work cut out when it comes to placating the likes of 73-year-old Eileen Jordan, one of the most outspoken critics of the production crew, as The Mail on Sunday found when we visited last week.Mrs Jordan, whose family have been in Port Isaac for seven generations, said: ‘Their behaviour in the past has been unforgivable at times.‘They blocked the doorway to my gift shop on countless occasions, sometimes for as long as 20 minutes so customers could not get in or out.‘One morning I woke up to find Martin Clunes and a crew on my front patio.Tempers flared once again this spring, with reports of roads being closed without authority for filming to take place, leaving a fleet of angry delivery drivers unable to unload supplies.Andy Penny, a local builder, said he had been blocked from trying to drive his van through the village one night by a ‘big floodlight’ in the road which the crew refused to move.

Sometimes it has been made plain to them in no uncertain terms that they can’t.‘On the other hand, there are people who cannot wait a few minutes for a take of a particular scene to finish. Business is booming but there are residents who don’t think they see any benefit.’Filming takes place every other year when the crew and cast take over a raft of holiday cottages between March and July.

Further around the secluded bay is the Georgian pub, The Golden Lion, where – both on and off screen – the cast gather for a welcome pint with a view of the sea.

It is thanks to the enduring popularity of the ITV show, which is currently in its eighth series, that hordes of tourists now make their pilgrimage to the quaint Cornish village which stands in for Portwenn, queuing to have their pictures taken outside Dr Ellingham’s surgery.

They eat out, they’re in the pubs and some people welcome that.

Some don’t.’Even builder Mr Penny conceded that ‘on the whole’, they were ‘great company’ despite the disruption.

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