Dating tips for the visually impaired

(There are other ways to get this same effect, this is just an example.) In addition to this, I provide a button with a link to a calendar control next to the field.

I've always designed for standards with the idea that that would be enough to cater for accessibility, if there's a specialist technique to make your website super accessible for visual impaired users, it's beyond my knowledge sorry. In Chrome, it will automatically place a datepicker (like JQuery UI datepicker) on the screen when you click on the input box.

Sighted children have lots of opportunities to observe how older teenagers and grownups flirt; they see people holding hands and smiling at each other, kissing, and hugging—at the mall, waiting in line for a movie, or walking through the park.

That's a key way they learn how people behave when they have romantic feelings for each other.

If the two of you are in a check-out line and the couple ahead of you are holding hands and gazing at each other, describe their behavior once the two of you have privacy.

Watch television together and describe and discuss what's going on between the couples on screen.

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