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Even if she drank too much, and even if she hated men, her fundamental essence was untouched.

How I think of women who have been raped contrasts greatly with how I think of men who have experienced non sexual violence.

When I went back to her apartment, the kitten was everywhere attacking everything.“I’m sorry,” she said, “I’ve historically been more of a dog person.”She was pretty open about her anger towards men, and her sexual orientation was difficult to quantify because her attractions included “any gender that’s not cis male.” Can’t say I blamed her.

But, despite her anger, she was completely and fully .

That’s exactly like what happened to me, but I wasn’t…” So, I looked up sexual assault. The guilt, the aversion to touch, and hyposexual desire.

Apparently if someone touches your vagina against your will, that’s sexual assault. I read about what happened emotionally to people who had been sexually assaulted, and a lot of it fit with my experience. They were all common responses from people who had been sexually assaulted. These mysterious things that I had been feeling had a source.

So, when I started dating men for real, I was already primed to not complain when I felt this feeling.

Sometimes, however, it was so bad it broke through my numbness.

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Or to be punk, in this kinda sexy bleached blonde but kind of too lazy to really care sort of way.

Dan Savage told her she’d been the victim of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault.

And, when I read that, I was like “how can she have been sexually assaulted?

If you told someone that a man had learned jiu jitsu after being attacked, I think the vibe would be “well, that’s pretty reasonable.” If a bisexual woman decided to date only women after being raped, the vibe would be “oh, she’s broken.”This belief in the “brokenness” of those have experienced sexual trauma is highly damaging. A few years ago, I was out getting drunk with a bunch of male friends, and one of them offered to let me crash at his place.

He was someone I trusted, someone I’d been friends with for years. I stopped dating men, and then stopped dating anyone.

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