Colin egglesfield dating kate hudson

So, it turns out that Dex had a crush on my character, too. So your character doesn't know that her best friend is sleeping with your character's soon-to-be husband?

(turns to assistant) Hey, where's my drink already? Hudson: You mean, you fuck like Mike and Carol behind my back? Pajiba: There's a novelty 90's cover band in this movie.

The actor even told Pop Eater that he had surprised Goodwin with a gift on her 32nd birthday: a key necklace with the word "joy" inscribed on it.

He joked, "It's the key to joy," adding that he "wanted to get her something special."Egglesfield wouldn't comment specifically on their dating status, but he's not playing it too cool, either.

That is, until Kate's bitchy character, Darcy, has her man stolen from her by her best friend, played by Gennifer Goodwin. It practically mirrors Kate's own real-life love triangle with Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez.) Kate Hudson Hates Cameron Diaz"[Kate and Colin] kissed for a scene their very first day of working together - and they loved it," said a set insider to .

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She's a lawyer who just turned 30 and in love with her best friend's fiancé. Kate plays my best friend Darcy, who swooped in and stole the guy I had a crush on back in law school.

I think he might be playing for the same team, if you get my meaning.

Goodwin: Yes, so at the surprise party for my 30th birthday, I have a little too much to drink and confess to Dex that I had a crush on him during law school .... Seriously, I would sit on that man's face and crush him like cinderblocks.

Kate Hudson: That sounds like something I'd wash my asshole with, pardon my .

Can we just get through this last interview, please?

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